Minutes – March 2018

KCCG minutes of committee meeting of 21st March 2018

 Present: John Lewis, Ian Bangay, Mary Seaton, Bill Hunter, Richard Cooley

Apologies: Peter Charnley, Chris Loveday, Robin Bowles

It was agreed to adopt the revised agenda as circulated by JL.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

Mirfield -Calder Greenway – MS has contacted Hilary Brooke, retired KMC officer and member of the Mirfield Promenade group.

Increasing supporters – JL to contact officers of Huddersfield Star Wheelers.

Business card – agreed to proceed. All to consider content and layout.

Major road schemes – To satisfy WYCA, schemes must be cycle proofed. JL to email Simon Taylor with regard to Halifax Road phase 5, Birchencliffe to Ainley Top

  1. KCC housekeeping matters


Data protection – supporters list to be for the use only of the chair and secretary. Supporters to be informed that no personal details will be passed on. JL and BH to exchange and co-ordinate their lists.

Committee meetings – the previous understanding that they are open to anyone was confirmed. (Leeds has the first hour for committee members only, then open to anyone) Supporters who wish to raise a specific item or question to be asked to notify the chair or secretary in advance of the meeting. Agendas to be circulated to committee members only. Members confirmed as JL, BH, IB, MS, RC, RB, PC. Minutes to be placed on the website, sent as text or word document.

Photographs – will be taken at KCC events. People present will be given the opportunity to state if they do not wish to be photographed, and that any photos of themselves or their children should not be circulated.

  1. Space For Cycling day – Plans

An event will take place on Saturday 21st April, starting at the Magic Rock brewery on the Ringway Estate, (parking available), cycling to St Georges Square and around the town centre. There will be a photo-shoot in St Georges Square, focussing on a “ballot box”, with councillors and candidates invited to cast a “vote” in support of space for cycling.

RC to contact Green Party members. BH to contact Thelma Walker (MP Colne Valley) and IB to contact Tracey Brabin (MP Batley and Spen). JL to produce a newsletter  in which supporters will be requested to invite their ward councillors and candidates.

  1. Council elections – lobbying plans

Covered in item 3.

  1. Facebook

Facebook facilitates a wider discussion, reaching more people.  A closed group is preferable as the risk of abuse is less.

IB presented the Leeds Cycle Campaign’s Acceptable Use Policy. It was agreed to adopt it, subject to the Leeds group having no objection.


  1. Website – content, aim and style

It should convey clarity of the group’s ideas and objectives. At present they are contained within several newsletters; there would be advantages in having a single focus. It should appeal to cyclists and people who could or would consider cycling.

Specific campaigns, projects, minutes of committee meetings and dated network maps will be added.

  1. Any Other Business

Lynnette attended yesterday’s City Connect meeting. It is understood that the Brighouse to Cooper Bridge scheme may be revived.


A date for a follow up meeting with Simon Taylor is awaited from Keith Broomfield.

Cleckheaton Viaduct – a potential link to Spen Valley Ringway from the town centre. IB reported on the unsafe nature of the scaffolding, believed to have been erected by Kirklees Council or a contractor on their behalf, and the lack of interest from the Corporate Landowner division of the Council in dealing with his complaint.

Walkley Lane Heckmondwike planning application – this will, if approved, facilitate the southern link between the Spen Valley Greenway and Ringway. However IB reported that it has been refused.

  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 18th April, at the Sportsman Inn, to discuss and agree arrangements for the Space for Cycling day.