AGM 2017 – minutes

Kirklees Cycle campaign Group – Annual General Meeting, 23rd November 2017


Present: John Lewis, Bill Hunter, Robin Bowles, Martyn Boult, Richard Cooley, Stephen Kennedy, Peter Charnley, Reid Anderson, Ian Bangay, Chris Loveday


Apologies: Nicholas Hopkinson, Jean Margetts, Robert Tracey, Andy Johnston, Steve flynn, Paul Morgan, Derek ?, John Ibbotson, Maggie Milledge


  1. Chairman’s report – previously circulated


JL gave a brief history of the group, highlighted its aims and described the work of the group over the year and its involvement in specific issues.


Discussion and questions:

Kirklees Council’s failure to promote schemes acceptable to the City Connect Advisory Group (CCAG), and consequent loss of funding.

KCCG has approx. 100 registered supporters, a good start for our first year.

How do we best represent and communicate with Kirklees cyclists and attract more supporters? Newsletter and Facebook are effective media.

The Council’s forthcoming Cycling and Walking Investment Plan is a key document which requires  our significant involvement. IB has asked for group representation on the its steering group.

Possibility of a presentation of our work, role and key cycling issues to Council members?

The Council should appoint a member as a Cycling Champion.

Hold some meetings in North Kirklees.


  1. Election of Officers


All the present officers and committee members agreed to continue.

  1. As we have no membership subscriptions we do not have or need a Treasurer at the present time.


  1. Amendments to Constitution – previously circulated


Approved subject to deleting “three weeks” from the first paragraph of section 7.


Discussion and questions

We have supporters rather than members, and for the forseeable future do not require subscriptions.

This is similar to some other campaign groups.

Peter Charnley referred to unallocated funds held by Kirklees CTC and at its next meeting will request an allocation of £100 to cover minor costs and expenses, to be drawn down as required.

If cycling clubs affiliate to KCCG then all their members will be counted as our supporters. JL and IB will contact clubs.

Agreed that the next AGM will take place in June 2018.


  1. December 7th meeting with Council officers


Our aim is to present on 3 priority projects (City Connect, the missing Mirfield link of the Calder Greenway, and a Holme Valley network), to seek at least a commitment in principle to taking these projects forward, and to have an ongoing dialogue with the Council.


The meeting then closed.