Network route maps for Kirklees

Network route maps for Kirklees

Using a model developed by Bristol Cycling Campaign, Cycling UK have promoted the use of topological maps (happy maps), like the well known tube map, to capture where cyclists may wish to make journeys. The starting points are the places where people may wish to travel from and to. The precise routes of how they may get from A to B come later. The idea is to look ahead and to consider where in 20 years time the network ideally may be.


For some routes an easy solution may presently be available. In other existing roads may  need adapting. In others still new infrastructure may be required

KCC is looking to encourage cyclists to add in their own details using their own local knowledge and expertise. As cyclists we may have our own preferred routes to get to places and even these may vary for reasons of the weather for example. Avoiding hills on a commute may be preferable, while on a ride to develop stamina, the same hills may be included.

The Huddersfield Examiner featured these maps and the article can be found online here:


KCC, which aims to promote cycling, say only a small part of the network is of a suitable standard to encourage more people to cycle.

But they believe there is cash available long term, with money from the Local Transport Fund, together with cash from housing and industry developers when they obtain planning permission.

John Lewis, of KCC, said: “There are two ‘tube’ maps one for Huddersfield town centre and one for the rest of Kirklees.

“Most of the routes currently exist but a great many of them are sub-standard in terms of being able to cycle safely and/or easily.
London Undeground-style map of cycling routes in Huddersfield town centre created by the Kirklees Cycling Campaign

“The maps present a vision for what Kirklees ought to be like in 20 years time and aim to be a strategic network of cycle routes.”

The maps are designed to give budding and keen cyclists a better understanding of safe routes in and out of Huddersfield town centre.

They include main roads which have segregation for cyclists, quietways, canal towpaths, pavements where cycling is permitted, plus proposed improvements.

Below are some rough drafts to allow you to see what the aim is.

The size of the images varies according to browser it seems!

Network Maps


Huddersfield town centre map

Kirklees wide map


Link to updated pdf version of map covering Huddersfield:

HTC cycle network 01 06 2017

Link to pdf version of tube map covering Huddersfield:

htc cycle network 01 04 17psd


Link to tube map covering Kirklees and into neighbouring areas:

Updated version 01 06 2017

01-03-17 Kirklees Cycle Network Map

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