Colne Road – Huddersfield

Colne Road – Huddersfield

Attention has been drawn to the provision of a shared access footpath on Colne Road ( B6432) in Huddersfield. It runs from the junction with Queen Street to the junction with Chapel Hill.

At the south end of Queen Street is a puzzling island with a number of give way lines marked out, which takes more than a few seconds to work out who is to give way to whom and who may have priority.
The shared access path itself on the north side of Colne Road runs across the gateways of a number of light industrial premises. These see frequent traffic in the form of lorries and vans. The access points give straight onto the path with no view possible because of the brick walls.

Equally it is not possible from the pavement to see vehicles that may be coming out. With other traffic noise it is not possible to hear  if vehicles are approaching the exit.

Given this lack of certainty, unless needing to travel slower than walking pace, the Campaign feels that cyclists might better use the road, where the location of vehicles is more obvious and where cyclists stand a better chance of being seen and consequently less risk of a collision.

Images from the road are shown below. Imagine yourself cycling along this road – what would your preferred option be?